Lesson Observation

My interview with the Rochester City School District got rescheduled, so I will be interviewing tomorrow instead of today. I was a little frustrated at first, but this gives me a little extra time to prepare.

I had my first lesson observation in the Pre-K classroom that my practicum is in. My supervisor came, along with the instructor for my seminar class. I taught a lesson on mixing colors. We read Mouse Paint by Ellen Stoll Walsh, which I think is a really engaging and age-appropriate book to teach the concept of mixing colors. We did a whole group activity where we mixed colors in plastic bags. For example, I squirted some blue and some red paint into a ziploc bag and passed it around for the kids to squish the colors together. They really enjoyed the hands on aspect of this activity and were excited when the colors mixed together to make purple. From there, they worked in small groups on paintings, where they were able to experiment with mixing colors. I feel like the lesson went pretty well; I was happy to see the kids engaged and interested. I look forward to hearing any feedback and suggestions from my supervisor.


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