Primary grades

I have been keeping busy, even though I am not taking any classes during the first summer session here at Warner. I have been substitute teaching more often. Last week, I was in for a first grade teacher that I co-taught with during my practicum placement. On Monday, I subbed for my cooperating teacher from the fall. It was really great to be back with those students. They’ve all learned so much this year; it was great to see how they’ve grown! I was also in kindergarten classes for a few days. I really enjoy working with students in the primary grades. I still don’t know what grade I will be teaching next year, but I really hope that it will be with younger students. I feel like I could be an effective teacher with any elementary grade level, but I think my literacy background would be most beneficial with younger students. The excitement and interest of younger students makes them a really enjoyable age group to teach!

I have also been working on my thesis. I am still doing a lot of reading, note taking, and digesting what I am learning. I am hoping that in the next couple of weeks I can really start putting my thoughts on paper, because I would like to have my thesis handed in before the second summer session starts.


One response to “Primary grades

  1. Hey Margot!!!!

    How cool that you go to the Warner School. I would really like to apply there next year! It would be great to see you! I’ve been reading your blogs and you’ve been doing so well 🙂 I miss you!!! Let me know how your summer goes!!!


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