Substitute Teaching

My job interview went pretty well last week. After I finished, I found out that it was the  initial interview to help the district find candidates that they thought would be successful urban educators. Now I have to wait until they have a better idea of what job openings there will be for next school year and then interview with principals from specific schools that have vacancies.

I also worked my first day as a substitute teacher. It was only a half day with first graders, but since it was the last couple of hours before their vacation it was pretty hectic. It’s difficult to come into a new classroom and try to learn all of the student’s names in such a short period of time. I’m sure that it will get easier the more that I do it, and it was being able to spend some time in a school that I had never been in before. I think that substitute teaching will be a good opportunity for me to get a feel for the different schools in the district and to start networking with various principals.


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