The end of the semester flew by. It was filled with final papers and presentations, balanced with substituting and more interviewing with the Rochester City School District. It was a busy few weeks!

Last week I attended the Teacher Placement Fair, where those of us who have open contracts for next school year were able to meet and interview with some of the principals from schools around the city. It was nice to be there with future colleagues, and exciting to think that all of us would be new teachers in the district once September rolls around. I was able to interview with 9 or 10 principals, and really liked some of their ideas and goals for their schools. Many of the schools still didn’t know for sure what vacancies they would have for next school year, so I have a few more weeks to wait until I either interview with more principals or find out if any of the schools I interviewed with are interested in hiring me. There were a few schools there that I am really hopeful about, and a few that weren’t at the fair that I am interested in as well. I’m getting anxious to figure out where I will be next year so that I can start preparing for the school year!


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