Family, Community and Field Trips




Yesterday I went with the class on a field trip to the Strong National Museum of Play. Both the morning and afternoon classes went together, and I was pleased with the number of parents and family members that joined us. I think working with children and their families at this age is really interesting. The students are really excited about school and about learning, and parents are eager to see their children succeed. The optimism and excitement from both the children and their families is refreshing. It’s nice to be a part of these early schooling experiences because families are so hopeful, dedicated and interested in their child’s development and learning. There seems to be a very different dynamic between parents and teachers than I have experienced with other age groups; there is a very strong focus is on growth, learning and progress, without interference from reading levels, test scores, and grades.

Our trip to the museum was really fun. The kids had a blast, running from one exhibit to another. For many of the children, it was their first time there and they were excited to see all that the museum had to offer. The day was full of play-based learning. Opportunities to role play, wear costumes, sing, dance and interact with other children were all closely tied to each child’s learning. This field trip helped give me a better idea of how children of this age learn, while providing an opportunity to build a sense of community amongst the teachers, parents and children.



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