Student life and Master’s Essay

Classes are going smoothly, and I am readjusting to all of the reading, writing and class discussions here at the Warner School. I received an email this week from the Warner Graduate Student Association. They are trying to organize a monthly meeting to show and discuss movies and documentaries related to education and human development. It sounds like it would be a good opportunity to meet more people from the Warner School, and to spend some time thinking about and discussing issues of education outside of the classroom environment. I’m glad that there is a student association working to strengthen the Warner community.

I have also been thinking about getting to work on my Master’s essay, which according to my program of study, should be completed this semester. I have been thinking about some possible topics but haven’t narrowed them down enough to start the researching and writing process. I am hoping to get in touch with my advisor sometime in the next week to discuss in some more detail my options, the requirements and expectations for the Master’s essay so that I can get to work on it. I am hoping to choose a topic soon, and then dedicate a few afternoons each week to working on it throughout the rest of this semester.

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