Thinking about next school year…

Tuesday was my last day at my field placement for this semester, and I can’t believe it is already over! I am sad to go but I feel like I have learned a lot and gained some valuable experience in the field of literacy. My cooperating teacher is planning on writing me a letter of recommendation, and she offered to hand deliver my resume and information to the school’s principal, which is exciting since it’s time for me to start applying for jobs!

When I originally applied to the Warner School, the fifteen month program really appealed to me, but I am still surprised at how quickly I am moving through the program. I am hoping that my experiences in Rochester city schools in combination with Warner’s programs will give me an edge when it comes to finding a job.

Once I finish up my papers and projects for this semester, I plan on focusing my time on the job search and application process so that I can have my applications in before next semester starts. I am interested in teaching in an urban setting, and have been researching job openings in a few nearby districts. I have been looking into the placement file services that the Career Center offers on campus, and the program they use seems really convenient. It seems to be run electronically, with 24 hour access. I’m working on scheduling a meeting with the Career Center to talk more about this, and figure out what I need to do in order to transfer my placement file from my undergraduate school as well.

It’s exciting to think that by next September, I will (hopefully) have my own classroom, or even better, be working as a literacy specialist! Regardless of whether I find a job as a literacy specialist or as a classroom teacher, I look forward to having the opportunity to try out new teaching ideas, work with students on a daily basis, and reflect on my own teaching in order to become a more effective educator. I am nervous about looking for jobs, but I feel confident that my undergraduate and graduate experiences have prepared me to be a competitive candidate, and I am excited to begin looking for employment.

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